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Sempra Energy is a North American energy infrastructure company based in San Diego, California. Sempra Energy's focus is on electric and natural gas infrastructure. Its operating companies include: Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in Southern California; Oncor Electric Delivery Company (Oncor) in Texas; Sempra LNG; and IEnova, based in Mexico.For 2018

A former executive assistant shared his experience, "Sempra likes to name drop and position themselves as a top leader in the field by how many high level people they can get to endorse the company. Complaints about management get ignored or swept under the rug and told to deal with it or leave. Will not and did not provide job training for the Sempra way and penalized employees for it during review time. Integrity and doing the right thing should not be in their mission/vision because it doesn't fit their culture."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sempra tries to scam the review system by having multiple glass-door listings for different divisions. Even more scummy, they ask brand new employees on their first week to put good ratings. That is the reason you see so many high marks. Those people reviewing haven't even really worked at the place. Sempra is completely incompetent, reorgs pull the rug out from under everyone and assign new bosses who are afraid of their own employees and will do anything to sandbag them as to not look bad. They ignore the suggestions given to them or present them as their own. They play favorites. They don't reward hard work, dedication, and performance. They protect incompetent folk who don't do their own job. When you try to cover for the team, you aren't recognized. When you go to HR they are not there to protect you, the employee. They are there to enable managers to do anything no matter how scummy, as long as it doesn't break the law. Do not think HR is your friend or there to protect you. They absolutely are not. They put reps there that couldn't give a flying about the things being done to you. Do yourself a favor, find another company to work for. In my tenure there: 1. I was physically assaulted multiple times in front of other employees and nobody said anything or backed me up to HR. 2. I was verbally threatened by a team member, who got promoted. I did not initiate any of these encounters. I was afraid to report the above because I felt it would affect my employment status. I am not sure of the statute of limitations but this company deserves to be sued. They had me working many hours past regular shift, and manager was not careful to spread the load to prevent burnout and allow workers to have work/life balance. When manager was informed by vacation takers they wouldn't be available, lazy manager left it up to the employees to work it out. Someone always got stiffed working long hours because manager wouldn't do their job. Manager completely brain dead and lacked basic logic skills. When presented with information that indicated a situation, manager backed up people who weren't involved or didn't know the whole picture. When presented with further information, manager doubled down on stupid and still rejected. Only after a 3rd attempt at providing even MORE information, which by now was overwhelming, did manager realize the initial case was true all along. Manager never acknowledged all the hard work done. They have some smart people in the senior management (executives) but some are just god-awful, and completely abusive to employees."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Non-regulated part of the business is run by the people who came from the regulated part, hence, they have no clue about competitiveness, risk taking or decision making but still pretend to be serious players. Red tape, stone age managerial style, zero motivation or leadership"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Very slow pace. It takes forever to get promoted. Directors are cut throat and most have zero integrity. Sr. Leaders don’t have any idea what is actually going on in the day to day. Because the directors paint a rosy picture and basically lie. Directors will throw you under the bus without even batting an eyelash. There is a lot of politics! If you don’t like playing politics, then don’t apply to this company. Directors play favorites and will tell you that they treat you differently because they expect more from you. That really makes sense. The lack of integrity at this company is sad. There are so many employees that sit around and do nothing every day. They always say “somebody has to do this” and don’t even care that it is his job! It doesn’t matter though because these people are protected. They are in with the shady directors so they can sit and stare at the monitor all day and blame others without consequence."

Current Employee - Journeyman Lineman says

"A long history of racism against African American employee's. HR policies haven't been revised since the early 90's. Very top heavy in District Management. Not a bright future on the electric side of the company. The Electric side (SDG&E) could be sold or contracted out and the company will still do fine, because Natural Gas is about to take off nation wide."


"1. When I started here in 2006, my new fellow employees made a big deal out of the fact that I have a college degree. Need I say more about the people who work here? 2. Also, it's a rarity to find a colleague that can speak proper English. 3. All anyone here can think about is the day they retire. 4. Hard work, intelligence, and drive is looked upon as a threat and is immediately discouraged. 5. Since this company is government regulated, the work ethics and culture is identical to that of city workers'. 6. Working with people who should've been fired a long time ago."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"Senior management is obsessed with senior management. As a worker bee it's very hard get noticed, especially when who your report to changes twice a year. Organization is in a perpetual state of re-org. People I worked with for 7 years stopped saying 'good morning'. Most of my department didn't even know I had left the company until two weeks after I was gone. Company is obsessed with its public image and brand, always trying to sell itself as the benevolent energy giant next door."

Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"Catty, lots of gossip in the office, harassment issues, HR doesn’t address issues"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Slow career growth, poor management, and uncompetitive pay leading to low employee morale."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is not focused. There is no direction or communication of where the company is going, therefore the day to day work seems senseless! I would not trust most of the directors to do the right thing, they're out for themselves."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management takes a regulated utility mindset to the unregulated market. If your deal isn't for a time period that doesn't exist today, then you don't get the green light to proceed. Other more nimble and hungry companies swoop in and take the business that we put together."

Sr. Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"100% of my co workers were terrified and have panic attacks getting into the office! The management and work environment were toxic to say the least. HR obviously works for managers and not employees!"

Business Objects Developer (Current Employee) says

"Awful place to work. Poor management. They hired but did not have enough work. They treat consultants terribly. Would not recommend this company. They are not an environmentally good company to work for."

Miscellaneous/Extensive leadership roles (Former Employee) says

"Bad culture. Hardly any opportunities for promotion from within. Bureaucratic, slow to embrace chance, and not accepting of new ideas. It’s all about who you know here and not what you know..."

Sales Manager - Northeast Commodity Sales (Former Employee) says

"High stress, high pressure work environment. With significant micro-managing. Cut-throat culture, where favorites are treated well at the expense of others.Many Product OfferingsSales Management"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The organization likes to name drop and position themselves as a top leader in the field by how many high level people they can get to endorse the company. Complaints about management get ignored or swept under the rug and told to deal with it or leave. Will not and did not provide job training for the "Sempra way" and penalized employees for it during review time. Integrity and doing the right thing should not be in their mission/vision because it doesn't fit their culture.BenefitsNo checks and balances for disciplinary actions."

Contract Agent Contractor (Current Employee) says

"I worked as a contractor for this public utility. It is without a doubt the most unprofessional work environment. Management is non existent people are extremely rude.hours are decent, location in decentParking Sucks, Management is absent, popularity contest"

Accountant /CONTRACTOR (Current Employee) says

"Flexible hours. Lots of work to caught upon. Do a good job, be friendly and professional.Bring your experiences to the table to help improve your dept.Secure job if hired permenant.Poor communication from management & rate of pay horriable!!!"

PROJECT ASSISTANT 3 (Former Employee) says

"Negative unprofessional employees allowed to be in charge Management reminded me on a regular basis that I was only on a temporary assignment Your odds of becoming permanent are 80% NOT and 20% possibleAllowed alot of overtimeunpleasent work environment"

Risk Management - Claims Examiner (Former Employee) says

"Very Poor Management. The coaching skills are non existent and it reflects in the handling of day to day and long time planning for personnel. More growth opportunities needed.FlexibleTo Many to exist"

Accountant-I (Former Employee) says

"People who work with company for 15-20 years still have to work until 12 at night to meet deadlines. No respect for long term employees. Bank reconciliation department extremely understaffed.Beautiful new building in Downtown San DiegoUnderstaffed, overwork, burn out"

Technical Advisor (Former Employee) says

"they gave me a truck with no tools, i had to borrow tools from my contractors for about 4 months strait wile waiting on approval to get me some tools not just had tools i didn't even have a FLUKE !!!! they ask ou to set interruption for your contractors, we had 6 smart interrupters......i had 13 to set ! and only 2 of the interrupters even worked. the position i took i was to manage and fix all not one region but ALL of know ongoing issues with sempras issues I.E. shorts depleted anode beds and so on, but doing this was almost impossible, the old guys at each region did not want anyone looking at their lines and would fight you every step of the way then when you finish your report and submit it they don't do anything i found many shorts to other underground assets that would be easy to clear but nope. we sure talked a lot about them but never did anything to fix them. because i was in charge of such a large area by large i mean all of sempra utilities i was in a hotel room monday to saturday every week, to do not cover you hotel cost they reimburse you and that can take about 2 months so @ 100 a nigh do the math, then there is fuel you must fill up at a sempra yard.......if that yard closes or is closed you are screwed and will have to pay for your own gas and they WILL NOT REIMBURSE YOU for this period. they don't train you or teach you anything about what you need to do for them they just basically said here is a computer and a truck and a list go do some stuff, honestly i think i could have just sat at home and done nothing and they probably would have neverthey don't care you can do what ever as long as the boss likes youthey don't care lol"

Contract Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Overall the Company was a good company to work for. Throughut my career the company was fair and offered great opportunitiesbenefitslack of opportunity to grow within the company"

Senior Java Developer (Former Employee) says

"Work load is manageable, but the company invests too much in acquiring license for heavy duty product suits and ends up running tech refresh projects evry other year."

Digital Services Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Sempra is your typical corporate america type of company, I can sum it up very simply by stating that there was no justified reason of my lay off, the reason was I spoke out over a bad decision from management, that is all it took.PayManagement, workplace environment."

Individual Contributor (Current Employee) says

"My job is exciting, interesting and constantly evolving. No problems there. Pay and benefits great. Most employees are career employees. Leadership is the problem. Cannot understand how the supervisors got their role and how they keep it. No guidance and direction but plenty of blaming when you mess up. The reason there was no guidance was because the wrong people are in leadership roles. They know how to pacify the director but have zero people skills. They think saying hello to the employees in the morning makes them "people persons." Takes forever for a decision to be made. They are outsourcing everything like payroll, I.T., and soon to be billing.excellent wage and benefit packageread my comments"

Web Developer (Former Employee) says

"I needed a job real bad at the time. I was living in Fullerton, and took to train to San Diego and back every day. While I was doing that, there was some construction on tracks to make the trains faster, but I never got the benefit of that. It is rough doing a 2 1/2 hour commute each way. I got good a quick naps on the train, twice per dayFlexible hoursLong commute"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Sempra is well-established in the infrastructure space and generally treats its employees well financially. The dress is business-casual and the culture is semi-formal. The company is generally well-managed, but can be political.Stable company, good benefits, casual atmosphereWork-Life Balance, Political"

IT Operations Support Analyst - Employee Contract (Former Employee) says

"Work atmosphere was decent. Most employees that I worked with felt as if their job was never secure."

Director (Current Employee) says

"It can be a great place to work when you are noticed and a difficult place to work when you get lost in the organization. Favored employees do well, but it is important to get noticed in a positive way."

Staff Accountant-Contract (Former Employee) says

"Good company to work for but like any company there can be a ridiculous amounts of politics is some groups which made me leave the company. Hopefully HR does somethign about it."

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